Since the advent of Daesh using Twitter much better than AQAP ever did it has become apparent to me that we need to step up our game to staunch propaganda flow. Given that most of the information we are seeing in these Daesh tweets is really not too actionable, some of us have decided to use the accounts and their connections in a way that the Daeshbags had not intended. Primarily this means that we are now mapping their connections, tweets, favourites, etc and using all this data to show who talks to who and gather as much information as we can on each and every connection.

Now you may be asking yourself “What are you going to do with that information?” Well, we have created this site to aggregate all of this data and post reports on IS and other jihadi accounts that need… Attention. Whether that attention be the BANHAMMER from Twitter, Trolling and harassment from those of you out there willing, or perhaps LE and IC folks who find little tidbits to use against them it’s all good to us. We are simply here to dump our data and let the chips fall where they may against the Daeshbags and Jihobbyists alike.


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