JihadiTwit 13: @AbuMamadou aka Abu Talha Al Almani aka Denis Cusbert aka Deso Dog


JihadiTwit 13: @AbuMamadou aka Abu Talha Al Almani aka Denis Cusbert aka Deso Dog

Biographical Data:

DESODOG“Abu Usama Al-Gharib”

Age: 39

DOB: 1975

Location: Syria

Affiliation: ISIS

Denis Mamadou Gerhard Cuspert better known by his stage name “Deso Dogg“, (born 1975) is a former German rapper[1] and signed to Streetlife Entertainment, releasing three albums: Schwarzer Engel (2006), Geeni’z in collaboration with Jasha (2008) and Alle Augen auf mich (2009).

He put his rap career on hold after converting to Islam and taking the name Abou Maleeq. He later on moved to Egypt and eventually to Syria, to fight on the side of the jihadist anti-government forces, under the nom de guerre of Abu Talha Al-Almani (meaning The German Abu Talha). He was injured during the fighting in the northern-Syrian town of Azaz after an air-strike conducted by the Syrian Army. In 2014 he gave his oath of allegiance to Islamist-Jihadi group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

There are conflicting reports about his death. A number of international media outlets have run reports based on Islamist online sources that he was killed on 20 April 2014 as a result of infighting amongst the Jihadi groups fighting in Syria, after the rival Al-Nusra Front launched a suicide attack against an ISIL post.[2] However German newspaper Die Welt quoted other foreign fighters as denying Cuspert’s death and attributing the confusion to the death of another ISIL member who also used the alias of Abu Talha Al-Almani.[3]

~From Wikipedia

Twitter Data:

AbuMamadou1 AbuMamadou

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